LIGHTHOUSE forms the third and latest development of the CrossingOver project. It sets out from the experiences gained in the Archdiocese of Chicago during the fall visitation program. The learning effect could be intensified if the inspirations of the stay could be tested and implemented in German parishes. This is the core idea of the LIGHTHOUSE:        
LIGHTHOUSE inspires, motivates, supports and accompanies the transfer of experiences made in the USA into innovative projects for German pastoral care.

Furthermore: An innovative pastoral care cannot be reached through armchair decisions. Thus LIGHTHOUSE  invites everyone to pray for pastoral innovation in Germany.


LIGHTHOUSE addresses all church workers, who had an inspiring experience in connection with the US-American pastoral care and want to develop project ideas. LIGHTHOUSE offers three different services:

  • Money: LIGHTHOUSE offers start-up funds up to 5,000.-- €. An additional sum of 1,000.-- €, which must be raised independently from the different projects, is expected.
  • Counselling: The parish counsellors of the respective (Arch)Dioceses as well as the staff of the Chair of Pastoral Studies at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum is provided for the first two years.
  • Networking:  All LIGHTHOUSE projects form a network, where people meet twice a year in order to share experiences and learn from each other (Convocations).

LIGHTHOUSE Working Procedure

Being a church worker in one of the six participating (arch)dioceses as well as the experiences with US-American Catholicism are considered as prerequisites for the application for a LIGHTHOUSE project.

Competition: Applicants have an innovative idea and therefore apply for financial support, guidance and integration into the LIGHTHOUSE network.

Check up: The LIGHTHOUSE jury consists of delegates from the cooperating (arch)dioceses, two external advisors and Prof. Dr. Matthias Sellmann from the CrossingOver-team. The jury examines the proposals, provides contacts to the people in charge in the dioceses as well as the advisors and assigns the financial support.

Consulting: LIGHTHOUSE counsels the projects, which have gained approval. Advisors from the dioceses support the projects and help evaluating it.

Convocation: All participants of the LIGHTHOUSE projects, especially the volunteers, meet regularly to discuss and exchange experiences.

Collecting: The innovative impulses from the projects will be collected, shared and this way multiplied.

Crossingover. Kirche der USA erfahren, Kirche hier neu denken.

Ein Projekt zur Frderung des Dialogs ber katholische Kirche und Gemeindeleben in den USA und Deutschland