Introductory Information on the Program of Practical Learning

Those who participated in CrossingOver's program of practical learning will be able to explain best what it is about. Since the program has started more than 60 German and 40 American visitors were inspired by the exchange. Exemplary there are two voices that conclude what CrossingOver means to them:

"For more than five weeks I stayed in St. Clement as a guest and observer. As a foreigner I came and immediately felt welcome. I felt a pleasant connection between Catholics, recognising the same religious roots: Church was different but still familiar."

(Patrick Wirges, Pastoral Associate, CrossingOver Participant, 2009)

"I was impressed by the commitment and faith of those I met who are looking for ways to revitalize the Catholic Church. Dedicated priests and lay people are scrambling to consider how salvage their awesome heritage. It was exciting to witness their discernment of how the Holy Spirit  is calling them to response."

(Fr. Jim Hurlbert, visitor from Chicago, 2007)

Crossingover. Kirche der USA erfahren, Kirche hier neu denken.

Ein Projekt zur Förderung des Dialogs über katholische Kirche und Gemeindeleben in den USA und Deutschland